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Our Staff

Our Staff

Able 2 has a loyal group of Occupational Therapists who dedicate their time to the community, making sure that no disability can restrict our clients from leading a fulfilled life.  All of the Able 2 Occupational Therapists are highly skilled and trained. Each one is HPC registered and has a minimum of 5 years practical experience. They are strategically situated across the country and are supervised and supported by our Occupational Therapy Managers. This confirms the Able 2 commitment to providing professional, robust and relevant assessments.

However, the quality of our service is not limited to the skill and professionalism of our Able 2 Occupational Therapists.  Able 2 has a team of trained dedicated administrative staff whose role is to process assessment reports accurately and efficiently and who are available for enquiries to support the client throughout the process, from 8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 5pm on Friday, it is important that we are able to put your mind at ease and take the pressure out of what can potentially be a stressful situation

Occupational Therapist Employment Opportunities

Our Occupational Therapists are all HPC Registered and have a minimum of 5 years Community Occupational Therapy experience before they begin working with Able 2. Able 2 can employ Occupational Therapists or you can be Self employed, depending on which you prefer.

You would be joining the Able 2 Team of valued Occupational Therapists and administrative staff. We recognise that we all have an important part to play and are committed to enabling your professional development and support whilst working with Able 2.

All appointments are booked by Able 2’s administrative team and, as an Occupational Therapist, all you have to do is visit the client, undertake the comprehensive assessment of need and complete the relevant assessment form for the Local Authority that you are working in, attach the diagrams and specifications for any recommended items and return the file to Able 2.

Our administration team will then process the assessment findings on your behalf.
Able 2 writes to the client to advise them of the outcome of the visit and informs them of what happens next, ensuring that they are kept fully informed and involved throughout the process.

Able 2 will arrange for subsequent follow up/review visits and ensure that the client is well supported throughout the process.

Thus as an Occupational Therapist you focus on your area of expertise. Completing the assessment and working directly with our client.

Supervision is provided on a monthly basis by one of our team of Occupational Therapy Managers, who will support you through your work and assist you to develop your Occupational Therapy skills further. We also conduct quarterly Training Courses that are specifically designed to meet your needs and aid you to keep your CPD up to date. You will also receive an appraisal on an annual basis.

Able 2 provides you with great flexibility to fit in with your life style, and in fact most of our Occupational Therapists work for us on a part time basis to fit in around their other responsibilities.

We pay you an agreed fee for each assessment or follow up visit that you complete. Click here to apply.