Critical success factors

Relevant Critical Success Factors (CSF) 

These are actions that must be performed well in order for the objectives established by the project to be met satisfactorily

These are defined as follows:-

—  Criteria and process of identifying relevant clients

—  Performance targets relating to the assessment process

—  Requisitioning and delivery of equipment

—  Demonstration/Commissioning of equipment

—  Training of carers, competencies

—  Implementation of SHC Packages

—  Reduction in the cost of Individual Care Packages

Some activities are difficult to observe or measure as the activity is dependent on others.  It is essential that the outcome being measured is as a direct response of the project or due to other circumstances.

For example:

—  If we measure the total time taken from referral to the provision of SHC Manual Handling Care Packages


—  Do you measure the individual elements.


—  The time taken from referral to assessment

—  From assessment to requisitioning  of equipment

—  Time from agreement for SHC to commissioning of the new care package

The first one will not give you accurate feedback, the second will.  We have existing established monitoring tools to provide this critical performance information.


Thus we will be able to confirm the abortive work, backlog and ability or inability to perform tasks, and provide the evidence regarding the successful implementation and delivery of the project



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