Criteria for Blue Badge Awards is changing! - July 15, 2019 11:23 am

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Those living with cognitive impairments or anxiety can now be eligible!

Able 2 have been undertaking Blue Badge Impaired Mobility Assessments for people with cognitive impairments for the last seven years in Wales. We have worked with the Welsh Assembly in developing their assessment forms, eligible criteria and scoring evaluation criteria. Because of this, Able 2 are the single most experienced Occupational Therapy group in the UK in the field of Cognitive Blue Badge Assessments.

Soon the criteria in England will change to match the criteria in Wales for the awarding of Blue Badges. We at Able 2 recognise the need for us to share our unrivalled experience in this area and as such will be hosting workshops in Lancashire, London and the Midlands with the aim of sharing information and providing support to Local Authority Officers as these changes come about. We will provide our understanding of the interpretation of the new criteria, explaining and discussing what the new criteria will actually mean. We will also aid authorities with new applications and support them in handling customer care with confidence.

Keep your eyes peeled for these workshops which will be taking place in the coming weeks!

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