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    Measuring the existing facility:

    • Measure systematically – the overall room size is the most important measurement. This will enable you to look at the exact size of shower area that you require and determine whether and how you will be able to provide what you need within an existing room or whether you need to consider other options.
    • Measure the heights and position of existing sanitary ware to include toilet, wash hand basin and bath/shower facility and the distances between these facilities at present. These measurements should include height, depth and width of existing sanitary ware.
    • Are there any existing pieces of equipment already fixed within the bathroom or free standing? If there are raised toilet seats and free standing toilet frames you need to consider whether these problems can be resolved by providing wall/floor mounted rails with a higher toilet pan as part of your new scheme.
    • Is the wash hand basin a pedestal type? Do you need to consider whether this needs to be altered to a wall mounted basin to improve access to it for more independent washing or do you need to replace the existing basin with a larger one that provides more space underneath to enable you to sit at it to wash?
    • Are you able to leave the toilet and existing wash hand basin in place if they already meet your needs? Will this impact on your access to the new shower facilities?
    • If the toilet and/or wash hand basin need moving to accommodate a new and larger showering facility can this be done appropriately within the existing facility or are you going to cause problems with connecting to existing drainage systems or simply not going to be able to achieve the space you require?
    • Wherever possible try to keep the toilet in the same position – apart from when you need to move it to ensure that the centre line of the pan is 450/500 mm from the nearest wall to enable equipment to be used or to allow for transfers from wheelchairs. The toilet can sometimes be moved around 90 degrees without requiring any alterations to the drainage.
    • Usually provide the shower facilities adjacent to the toilet – this can serve as a transfer area
    • Locate the wash hand basin on the opposite wall – be aware of waste pipe drainage runs.
    • Don’t worry about the plumbing – the contractor will sort that out or discuss with you alternatives if required. Stick to your specification on sizes of showering areas required and location of sanitary ware wherever possible; it may be that something needs jiggling around but it is usually not insurmountable to resolve by some simple discussions
    • Consider the weight limits of the shower tray bases you look at in relation to your body weight and that of any equipment that you will need to use
    • Impey Showers can now provide a heavy duty shower tray that has revolutionised wet room installations called the Aqua-Dec Easy-Fit Wet room Tray. It is manufactured using high glass content SMC, the Aqua-Dec Easy-fit is very strong and is able to withstand up to 300 kg (47 stone) without the need for under boarding, reducing both installation time and cost.

              It has a Rotating drain

    The Easy-Fit drain plate can rotate 360 degrees and avoid all under-                      floor wet room obstructions. The eccentric drain also features three                    locating rings, to provide superior hold between the Dec and the                              rotating drain plate.

    It has unbeatable strength
    The new Aqua-Dec Easy-Fit wet room Dec is stronger than ever and requires no under boarding (Can be installed directly onto floor joists (at 400 mm centres) with no additional support or bedded into screeded floors).

    It is Portable, Easily trimmable and 22 mm thick
    The Aqua-Dec Easy-Fit Dec is stronger and lighter than the original Aqua-Dec. It can be cut anywhere up to the solid surround with a standard hand saw. The new Aqua-Dec Easy- Fit is consistently 22 mm thick around the perimeter.

    Its underside cellular structure: The underside spoke pattern provides increased rigidity to the structure of the Dec.

    It can be fitted on Wooden or concrete floors installation as the spoke structure bonds well with wet concrete.

    Complete range of sizes
    The Aqua-Dec Easy-Fit Dec is available in eleven sizes from a compact 800 mm square to the most spacious 1850 x 900 mm option.

    Straight edge
    The corners of the Easy-Fit have a straight edge to ensure it can be fitted flush against floorboards.)

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