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I have problems when transferring over the side of the bath:Info Icon

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    These suggestions could be used in isolation or as a combination dependent upon the specific problems that are being experienced.

    • Grab rail on the wall to provide additional support when transferring over the bath side.
    • Bath Steps: These can assist people to get in and out of the bath who have difficulty stepping over the side. They are available in differing heights that can be adapted to suit the Individual to give a range of heights from 2” to an overall maximum raised step height of 7”.

    The steps are placed at the side of the bath and reduce the level between the floor and the rim of the bath; making it easier for those people who have problems raising their legs to lift them over the side of the bath when transferring.

    Bath Steps are readily available either with a fixed height or can be provided to a specific height through the purchase of a stacking system of steps that lock for stability.

    Some steps also come with a fixed side rail, which would provide additional stability for You when raising legs over the side of the bath.

    The steps are lightweight and easy to move around but very durable and will cope with User weights from 16 stone up to 30 stone from some Manufacturers.

    They are usually made from reinforced plastic, so are easy to clean, but you can purchase fixed height wooden steps, with a cork top for warmth and safety.

    They often have a textured finish to make them more slip-resistant.

    They can be purchased in bright colours, which is especially useful if you have a visual impairment.

    However,  if the maximum height 7″ step is required then a detailed assessment would be recommended as the need for such a raised height immediately indicates that there are other problems and alternative solutions may be better to consider.

    Able 2 OT Services Ltd could arrange a detailed assessment of your needs by an experienced Occupational Therapist.


    This resolves some of the problems but I still have some difficulty and feel unsteady- click below

    No, but I have some difficulty and may also require physical assistance from someone else – click ‘No’ link below


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