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Problems with toilet transfers when it is the correct height:Info Icon

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    Even though your toilet may be a suitable height you may still have problems sitting and standing from it due to unsteadiness, balance problems or general frailty.

    Where possible  Grab Rails fitted either side of the toilet should be considered as these can be used to hold onto for additional support to pull up on to stand or hold onto when sitting down on the toilet.

    Grab Rails are especially useful if you feel unsteady and unbalanced or perhaps need to hold onto a nearby sink or towel rail when pulling up your lower garments. They should be fitted on both sides of the toilet on nearby walls, where possible. You will need to sit on your existing toilet and ‘reach forwards’ to the wall so that the rail can be correctly fitted in the right position for your particular ‘reach’.

    Grab Rails could be fitted vertically, next to the toilet should you need to pull up from the toilet.

    Grab Rails could be fitted horizontally, next to the toilet should you need to push down through your forearms when standing from the toilet.

    Grab Rails can be easily purchased in lengths of 300 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm and 810 mm and can be fitted by a competent Carpenter/Handyman. Some specialist Manufacturers can provide bespoke length rails due to using a tubular system that can be extended and also provide 90 degree rails should these be required.

    It is preferable that the rails purchased have non slip, ribbed surface finish in either plastic or metal. Some Manufacturers also provide rails that have anti bacterial properties, which make them easier to keep clean and prevent bacterial build-up.

    Is it not possible to fix rails next to your toilet or do they not give you sufficient support?

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