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    front cut away raised toilet seatIf you need more support when transferring on and off your toilet even with a Raised Toilet Seat then it maybe necessary to also have something to hold onto and, where possible, Grab Rails fitted either side of the toilet should be considered.

    These are especially useful if you feel unsteady/unbalanced or perhaps need to hold onto a nearby sink or towel rail when pulling up your lower garments.

    Rails should be fitted on both sides of the toilet on nearby walls, where possible. You will need to sit on the existing toilet and ‘reach forwards’ to the wall so that the rail can be correctly fitted in the right position for your particular ‘reach’.

    Rails can be fitted vertically, next to the toilet,  if You need to pull up from the toilet.

    Rails can be fitted horizontally, next to the toilet, if You need to push down through your forearms when standing from the toilet.

    Rails can be easily purchased in lengths of 300 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm and 810 mm and can be fitted by a competent Carpenter/Handyman.

    Some specialist Manufacturers can provide bespoke length rails due to using a tubular system that can be extended and also provide 90 degree rails should these be required.

    It is preferable that the rails purchased have non slip, ribbed surface finish in either plastic or metal.

    Some Manufacturers also provide rails that have anti bacterial properties, which make them easier to keep clean and prevent bacterial build-up.

    Another option would be to consider Raised Toilet Seats with armrests, which have the advantage of providing You with the additional support and security of armrests either side of the toilet to either push or pull up on when transferring on and off the toilet. They are also particularly useful where the environment is compact and it is not possible to fit grab rails on the wall. toilet with fold back armrests

    These can come with either fold back armrests linked to a seat, that can also incorporates a lid, or integral arms that provide added support and stability.

    The raised toilet seats with fold back integral armrests often come with recesses at the front and the back of the toilet seat to enable You to manage your personal hygiene easily after using the toilet.

    If you have to reach sideways then a grab rail is probably not suitable and a drop down rail may be a better option. The ideal location of rails will depend on your particular circumstances: your size, your ability to reach and also the location of the toilet. Therefore it is advisable to seek the advice of an Occupational Therapist who will be able to assess your specific needs.

    floor fixed drop down rails by toilet

    Is it not possible to fix grab rails by your toilet?


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