Occupational Therapy Services for the Local Authority Adult and Social Care

Adult Social Care

Contracting out Occupational Therapy Assessments provides Local Authorities with significant advantages.

This is particularly important in the present economic climate where the efficient use of Occupational Therapy budgets needs to be maximised, especially where the budget has been significantly reduced

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  • Involvement of the Private Sector with regard to the provision of Occupational Therapy Assessment services.
  • Provision of cost effective Occupational Therapy Assessment services focusing on the successful outcome for your service and the Service Users.
  • Efficient workforce planning/targeting. Working with an Occupational Therapy business that has a trained, experienced and knowledgeable workforce who are able to quickly understand your service and meet your targets.
  • Flexibility and control on the size and cost of the Contract. Design of the Contract- you can specify precisely what you want, and we can tailor our requirements to meet your needs.
  • Reallocation/creative use of various pots of funding that may be available, staffing budget monies, one off grants, etc. Please contact Able 2 to enable us to discuss various options, and cost savings
  • A cost effective alternative to using locum Occupational Therapists, providing you with consistency, supervised and fully supported Occupational Therapists who are managed and supported by Able 2 Occupational Therapy Services Ltd.
  • Utilising associated funding for the provision of Occupational Therapist services paying for the assessment if a major adaptation is recommended through the Disabled Facilities Grant budget. This has proven to be very effective for some Local Authorities where Able 2 is working
  • Continuity and quality control with our Occupational Therapy Managers, who screen assessments and ensure that reports are professional, thorough, have clinical reasoning and are robust, in line with our report writing standards
  • A co-ordinated and tailor-made service which is designed specifically for your organisation and your service to ensure that the customer experience meets a high standard of customer care and that the service provision meets your criteria with positive and effective outcomes.

What We Do

Able 2 Occupational Therapy Services Ltd is currently working with 23 Local Authority Occupational Therapy Departments with regard to assisting them to provide cost effective and efficient services to people referred for Occupational Therapy Assessments.

Waiting Lists

Target dates may no longer be the Government’s driving force, but it is unacceptable and distressing for your Service Users and their families to be waiting months for their Initial Assessment.

You can allocate out a variable number of assessments from your Occupational Therapy waiting list, for Able 2 to undertake the Initial Assessment and arrange the provision of appropriate services.

Alternatively, you can contract out the whole of your service to Able 2 which has been proven to be a cost effective and efficient way of providing Occupational Therapy Services to Disabled people living within your Local Authority, whilst ensuring that your Service Users are seen in a timely manner.

Maintaining no Waiting List

If you are receiving a high volume of referrals which you are experiencing difficulty with managing in house, Able 2 are here to help.

We can assist your Local Authority to maintain your low/nil waiting lists by Able 2 being allocated a variable number of referrals each month which you may not currently have the capacity to undertake.

In addition, once reduced, we can assist your Local Authority to maintain your low waiting lists by Able 2 being allocated a regular number of referrals providing a cost effective service.

Joint Working

If a Local Authority has a sudden influx of referrals and is unable to cope with the waiting list, by allocating a certain amount of referrals to Able 2 to assess, the waiting list can be brought back under control. This provides flexibility for Local Authorities as they are able to keep their waiting lists under control by simply allocating referrals as and when the need is there.


Service Option One – From Initial Assessment to Final Inspection

Able 2 will assess Service Users following referral and will progress all recommendations including major adaptations through to satisfactory completion, monitoring through our bespoke database which enables us to provide regular updates and monitoring throughout.

Service Option Two – Initial Assessment provision of equipment and minor adaptations

Able 2 will assess Service Users following referral and process through to satisfactory provision of equipment or completion of minor adaptations. The Case will then be closed and returned to the Local Authority pending the progression of major adaptations.

Service Option Three – The Occupational Therapy fee is paid from the Disabled Facilities Grant, protecting the Social and Adult Care Occupational Therapy budgets

Able 2 will assess Service Users following referral, where major adaptations are recommended the file will be closed down to Social Services and then will be progressed through the Local Authorities Grants Department, thereby the assessment will be paid via the Disabled Facilities Grant/Housing Service.

Service Option Four – Able 2 Home Improvement Agency Fee paid from the Disabled Facilities Grant as an Professional Agency

Able 2 Occupational Therapist will conduct a feasibility visit with a Surveyor who will prepare scaled drawings of the existing and proposed adaptation, in line with detailed specification provided by the Occupational Therapist and we will then obtain agreement for the proposed adaptations from the Service User, and progress through to completion.

Examples of the number of assessments we can undertake

Total number of Occupational Therapy Assessments we have carried out for Local Authorities in the last 12 months

  • Initial Occupational Therapist Assessments 6299
  • Follow up visits 4038

These figures relate to work that has been completed over various contracts that Able 2 are currently undertaking.

  • Largest number of referrals in 1 month
  • Below is the number of referrals received and Initial and Follow up Visits arranged and undertaken by Able 2 in a one month period.
  • Initial Assessments 579
  • Follow up visits 429
  • Referrals received

These figures relate to work that has been completed over 23 different contracts that Able 2 are currently undertaking.

Our staff are fully conversant with safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

This topic is to be included within our Training timetable for the forthcoming year, setting out clear roles and responsibilities for responding to any concerns that our Occupational Therapists have, whilst ensuring that we have a robust system in place through our Policies and Procedures.

If you can relate to anything in this article and you think that we are able to help you out then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Someone will be in touch with you very soon to discuss how we can help you. Thank you.

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