Suggested equipment


There are specific items of equipment that can facilitate SHC and it is essential that these items are available as standard stock.  This enables rapid provision of equipment and facilitates the appropriate commissioning and reduction for the care package.  If equipment is not available  this leads to lengthy delays and the risk that both client and carers will become disenchanted, which makes it more difficult to effect the necessary changes to the care package

The basic range of equipment must include:

  • Bed management systems such as the 4 way bed management system
  • Molift Raisers
  • Gantry hoists
  • In-situ/all day slings

There are several other pieces of equipment that are relevant to enabling single handed care, so this list is not exhaustive.

If equipment stores do not have these essential items as standard stock  this can delay the delivery of the project, and also lead to a reduction in the success of delivery, as one of the essential elements of the success is the speedy delivery of recommendations in the delivery of single handed care following assessment


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