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    • I have difficulty lifting my legs on and off the bed:

    Transferring in and out of bed may simply mean that you have problems lifting your legs on and off the bed. You may have a stiff or immobile leg and have problems repositioning your legs when getting in and out of bed. In this case a simple piece of equipment, known as a Leg Lifter, may be all that you need.

    They have long lengths of webbed and slightly padded fabric with loops at both ends. You place your foot in the stirrup end of the lifter whilst holding the rigid handle in your hands. A double handed loop gives You more control when lifting the leg. You then pull up on the rigid looped end to lift your leg and position it where you want it to go.

    Alternatively, if this is not sufficient to resolve the problem then there is an electrically operated leg lifter such as an Airflo Leg Lifter, which can be purchased from a number of dealers either via the website or via mail order.

    The Airflo Leg Lifter is an inflatable cushion, with a machine washable cover, providing assistance to lift and transfer your legs independently or with minimal assistance from a Carer, which therefore reduces the moving and handling risks to the Carer.

    It is operated by a quiet and lightweight battery operated Airflo compressor, which is supplied with a charging unit and can be fitted to the majority of both standard and profiling beds.

    The leg lifter is attached to the bed underneath the mattress and when not in use sits discreetly at the side of the bed. It is portable and is not a permanent installation.

    It has an easy to operate hand control that allows You to sit on the edge of the bed, operate the compressor to lift the legs up and then turn and slide your legs across and onto the mattress. If Carer assistance is required at this stage the moving and handling risks are minimised as there is no lifting required by the Carer; simply a slide movement of the legs from the lifter onto the mattress.

    The best course of action would be to have an assessment to determine whether this equipment was right to meet your needs or whether you need alternative assistance.

    Contact your Local Authority to ask whether it is something that they could help you with and if they can then request an Occupational Therapy assessment, taking into consideration any waiting times for such an assessment.

    Alternatively, contact Able 2 OT Services Ltd and we can arrange for an Occupational Therapy assessment to be done, as soon as possible, at a time that is convenient to you and also at an agreed cost.

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