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    If you are unsteady or have muscle weakness in your arms standing up from the bed by simply pushing up on the mattress may be causing you problems.

    One of the problems may be that the existing height of the bed is too low for you, which makes it difficult to stand up from the mattress.

    This can be easily remedied by raising the bed on suitable height bed raisers that securely fit to the style of legs or castors that you have on your bed.

    There are bed raisers for both round and square styles of bed legs and come in width sizes that can accommodate various leg diameters and include: cylindrical plastic sleeves which enclose the bed leg; screw-in raisers; replacement raisers; block raisers and wheeled raisers.

    Separate bed raisers:

    These individual bed raisers enable the legs of the bed, and thus the bed height, to be raised. This can assist you when getting on and off your bed.

    Bed raisers are available through local dealers and it would be sensible to discuss your exact requirements before purchase to ensure that you buy the correct equipment for your bed.

    Alternatively an Occupational Therapist would be able to advise you as to what equipment best meets your needs, following an assessment, in case there are more than one problem to be resolved and bed raisers are not the most appropriate solution.

    It is also important to remember that the height of the bed that enables you to be more independent might not be a suitable height for a Carer to use if you require some physical assistance. You may have to consider a height adjustable bed that can easily be raised or lowered so that everyone can reduce the risk of possible injury through unnecessary bending over a bed or lifting/moving someone on the bed.

    Another simple solution to providing assistance to stand up from and sit down on the bed would be to fix a bed rail to the side of the bed that sits upright from the mattress so that you can hold onto it to steady yourself. There are several on the market and the correct provision will depend upon the type of bed you are already using.

    2-in-1 bed rail2-in-1 Bed Rail: This is designed to provide a stable support for getting in and out of bed. The reversible base enables this equipment to be fitted to both divan and slatted bed bases and enables maximum user weight of 25 stone. The slimmer 15mm base means that you cannot feel the product underneath the mattress, which ensures comfort. The ergonomic handle enables a comfortable and easy lifting action when sitting to standing from the bed. The handle is detached from the base by two e-clips enabling it to be positioned as required for either a divan or a slatted bed. It is supplied with two easy to fit straps to hold securely in place.

    folding easy fit bed railFolding Easy Fit Bed Rail: This can be used on both slatted and divan beds and with a folding design stores easily and can be transported flat. It is simple to fit between the mattress and the bed base and has unique non-slip sections that help keep it in place when in use. It can be used on either the left or the right side of the bed. The maximum user weight is 20 stone.This is an ideal portable bed rail solution.

    Easy Fit Bed Rail 

    This bed rail is suitable for fitting to both slatted and divan beds and provides a range of comfortable grip positions to assist with sit to stand transfers. It is supplied in two sections that are clipped together and the base section features non-slip collars to reduce movement under the mattress. It can be used on either side of the bed and is available for use with or without additional fixing straps. These straps provide a more stable fixing when the bed rail is fitted to a divan bed.

    adjustable width bed stickAdjustable Width Bed Stick:

    This is ideal for a couple who both require assistance when sitting to standing from bed. It is adjustable from 37-61” and can be used with single, double and king sized divan beds. The maximum User weight is 20 stone.

    2-in-1 Adjustable Width Bed Stick:

    This can be used on slatted or divan beds with an ergonomically designed handrail that provides comfortable hand grip positions and is suitable for both adults and children. Additional positioning holes are provided to adjust for fitting onto either slatted or divan beds. It can be adjusted to fit 3’, 4’, 4’6” and 5’ beds.

    rise easy bed aidRise Easy Bed Aid: 

    The Rise Easy swing away support rail is designed to assist the User in sitting to standing from the bed without interfering with bed clothes. The bar of the equipment swings away from the side of the bed so that the User can stand and change position as necessary when carrying out the sit to stand task.  It is easily secured with an adjustable base plate that fits under the wheels or legs of the bed and is suitable for all types of beds, including profiling beds. It is available in a single or double version and can be used on either the left or the right side of the bed.

    All the above pieces of equipment can be used if you have problems with repositioning your self whilst lying in bed and also when needing to turn over in bed.

    Has this helped but are you still having problems with lying to sitting position?  

For more information of what is the best option for you, get in touch with us.