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The place where we live is of great importance to all of us and often defines us as Individuals. We take for granted the fact that we are able to access our properties independently but for many people even accessing their home from the public pavement becomes an issue and can lead to people no longer going out to socialise because of these difficulties. It may also be that the property itself has differing levels within it that causes problems with accessing essential facilities.

Problems can occur from birth or can be acquired following injury or the onset of disability or as we age and become more frail. Issues that may be causing problems include:

No support on path leading to your front door

Problems with negotiating steps up to your front door

Problems with differing levels within the home and between rooms that have essential facilities that you need to access

Problems with answering the door quickly enough when people visit

Following developments in House Building Criteria, changes have been made to the way new properties are designed and built so that the widest range of people can be catered for at a basic level. Properties are now built with a number of considerations to enable them to meet the needs of a wide range of people, across the full age range that includes young families with pushchairs as well as those people with disabilities and older people in our population.

Whilst this will meet the needs of a large proportion of the population there will still be specialist needs to cater and design for, due to the complexity of each individual case, and also there are still a huge number of properties that have not been designed in this way that will require adaptation either through the life time of the home or the life time of an Individual who lives there.

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