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Additional information for providing access where ramping is not possible:Info Icon

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    Fixed Short Rise Lifts

    • Short rise Lifts can be used both in and out doors where a change of level occurs. E.g. at a front door step or a split level hallway.
    • They are particularly useful in confined spaces where the installation of a ramp is not possible. E.g: Where the front garden is small/narrow from the door to the external edge and then leads directly onto a public pavement. N.B: It is not possible to have a lift platform encroach on any public right of way due to the possible risk of injury to passers-by.
    • They enable Wheelchair Users, and also those who rely heavily upon a wheeled walking frame, to be independent as they can propel directly onto the platform and move between levels without assistance, where they are able to manage controls themselves.
    • Some short rise lifts are able to carry both the Wheelchair User and the Carer.
    • Fixed short rise lifts may require structural alterations before installation.
    • Level access for pedestrians can still be provided when the lift is at the lowest point, in line with the existing facility, such as steps, can still then be used.
    • To enable the User to have level access, the mechanism of many models has to be sunk below ground floor level in a pit so that the platform is flush with the ground at its lowest point
    • If this is not possible then ramped access to the platform will be necessary
    • Some Platforms lift vertically so that they would have to be placed next to, or instead of, steps.
    • Some Platforms have a bridging mechanism so that when not in use the steps can be used in the normal way and, when in use, the platform lifts up and over the steps
    • Side support rails are advisable
    • Ensure there is a battery operated back-up mechanism in place in case of a mains electric failure


    • These lifts do not require structural alterations and may be useful in overcoming a small change in level, which does not need to be accessed very often, such as into the garden or the garage
    • These lifts can be operated electrically, which can be used independently, or manually (via a foot pump) and are accessed via a ramp, which then folds up whilst the ramp is in use
    • Manual lifts can be heavy to operate and careful assessment of the Carer and you need to be make sure that you are physically and safely able to operate the equipment as well as the weight of the User in the Wheelchair
    • Also consider how easy they are to move because transporting them may be a problem. Those with wheels may be easier to transport.


    PORTABLE POWERSTEP LIFTS:powered steplift


    • Powerstep Lifts are unique and designed to enable negotiation of one or two steps up to a height of 600mm (24”). With their compact design and foldable platform and hinging option, they can fit where others cannot.

    Standard Features

    • Emergency manual operation
    •  Anti trap switches under platform
    • Rising column handles give added support
    • Anti-slip platforms (choice of finishes)
    • Optional steady bar or handrails (recommended for heights over 300mm)
    •  Limit switches provide automatic stops (on permanent installations)
    • One year warranty (parts and labour)
    • CE Marked
    • Push button controls Smooth, jerk free movement
    • Geared screw drive prevents dropping
    • Folding platform for convenience
    • Variable travel up to a height of 600mm

    Stand-on POWERSTEP LIFT      portable steplift 2

    • These models can offer a simple alternative to steps. The platform can be stopped at any point to provide an intermediate step for ambulant users. It is also possible to adapt the domestic version to a small walking frame lift.

    Walking Frame Powerstep Lift     rear lift access

    • The option for either a small or large platform to accommodate a person and walking frame is available. The large Walking Frame Powerstep can be converted to a wheelchair lift by simply replacing the platform. These lifts are designed for light use e.g. maximum 10 uses/hour if the maximum load of 25 stone and travel of 600mm (24”) are required.

    Wheelchair Powerstep Lift

    • With added safety features and an anti roll-off device, the Wheelchair Powerstep is an ideal alternative to ramps for the wheelchair user

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