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    • Steplift installations in your home environment can resolve problems where there are differences between levels, either inside the home or outside, and where there is insufficient room to install ramped or sloped access.
    • Many steplifts have been designed to improve access where there are perhaps just one or two steps to negotiate. Ideal for use both inside or outside the home, steplifts are most often used to give easy access to the front or back door. Steplifts can accommodate wheelchair users and are aimed at helping people maintain their independence and security, while family and friends can continue to use steps and stairs as usual.
    • Most companies provide steplift installations to cope with 500mm and 1 metre drops with a weight limit of up to 280kg but there are products on the market that will solve the problem if the drop is 2 or 3 metres. e.g. Pollock Lifts. These also come in various platform sizes to accommodate a range of individual needs and available space and cope with weight limits up to 500kg.
    • All steplifts have a quiet and smooth transit operation.
    • Most steplifts are constructed from aluminium and stainless steel, which make them aesthetically pleasing.
    • Installation will require some structural alterations. It may be necessary to form a level base for the lift. This would be either on the path, in the porch or on the steps to your door. A surveyor from the Company you choose will explain this to you and tell you how long this work may take.
    • It will not be possible to use the door to which the lift is fitted whilst work is in progress.
    • A dedicated power supply for the lift is required and will need to be installed. This means that if there is a problem with the existing wiring in your house the lift will still work.
    • The steplift is usually designed to carry only one person at a time.

    Key features

    • Practical – provides both wheelchair and pedestrian access at the same doorway, inside or outside
    • Easy to use – convenient controls and shallow approach ramp, where necessary.
    • Easy installation – easily installed in a day.
    • Cost effective – often cheaper than a ramp.
    • Reliable – battery back-up in case of power cut.
    • Low maintenance – annual servicing recommended and with warranty will usually be offered as a 12 month package (rolling programme) or a 5 year package can be purchased.
    • Safe – built in the UK to British Standards.
    • They have controls within the carriage and also on the wall to enable you to call the lift from another position and also to operate the lift yourself once you are on the platform.


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