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Problems with walking along the path to front door:Info Icon

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    You may simply be unsteady and require an assessment and subsequent provision of walking equipment to resolve this issue.

    You maybe unsteady and have to take regular rests but have nothing to hold onto for support when walking to your front door.

    If this is the case then the provision of floor to floor/floor to wall handrails on either one side or both sides of your path will probably resolve your issues. Here are some useful heights to use when considering such rails

    • To enable use by disabled and elderly people able to walk, handrails should be mounted between 0.85 m and 0.95 m above the finished floor level. (900mm to 1000mm as per Part M)
    • For the benefit of wheelchair users, a second handrail can be mounted between 0.70 m and 0.75 m from the floor.  http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/enable/designm/AD2-06.htm
    • The rails should be cylindrical, galvanised, attached 50-60 mm from wall, where appropriate, and not exceed 40-50 mm in diameter.
    • The rails should have a closed end and not project into a route of travel.

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