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    It is possible to purchase portable lifting seats that fit on your existing chair.

    • These portable seats gently assist you to a standing position and are easily adjustable to suit your specific body weight.
    • They can be fabric covered and padded for extra comfort or they can have waterproof, machine washable covers
    • They are designed to take up to 80% of your body weight with a load that ranges from 40 – 136kg, depending upon the model trialled.
    • Some have multi density cushions with a memory foam core for maximum comfort and can be wiped down with mild soap and water.
    • Some have ergonomically designed hand controls that can be positioned wherever suits you best. Some models have easy-to-use toggle switches that enable you to start and stop the lift wherever you choose.
    • They can also be used to assist with your transfers on and off a car seat, making them more versatile.

    If this is not sufficient then you will need to look at purchasing a specialist chair. The type of chair will depend on your specific needs.

    Riser Chairs:  If, despite making sure your chair is the right height and the armrests and backrests are suitable, you still have problems standing from your chair then look at the option of buying a Riser chair, which has a spring loaded seat operated by a lever or is electrically operated.

    • Looking at the spring loaded option you need to ensure that you have the capacity and ability to stand steadily when lifted as once the lift has started it cannot be stopped with this type of seat.
    • These seats also need to be set to operate with your specific weight otherwise you could end up being lifted too quickly, which increases your risk of possible falls or other injury when standing.
    •  Alternatively, if this does not work for you, look at providing yourself with an electrically operated Riser/ Recliner armchair. Some of these chairs only offer a Riser option, which can then limit your successful use of the chair as there is no capacity to recline.
    • Contrary to popular belief the electric motor is not battery powered. The electric motor plugs in to a normal mains wall socket via a transformer. This transformer reduces the voltage to a safer level so that it is not possible to get an electric shock from the chair.
    • The chair will be equipped with a remote control linked to the motor by a cable. This gives you control of the chair whilst seated. There will be at least 2 buttons on the controller allowing you to recline or be raised up. You are able to stop the motor at any time and do not have to go to the end of the motor’s position.
    • By using the Riser option you will be able to press the button and have more control over the lift because the operation stops if you take your finger off the button.
    • This option will rise you from a seated to a fully standing position because the seat lifts up behind you whilst still supporting you behind the knees until you are standing on straight legs.
    • Always ensure that you are in the fully standing position before you move away from the chair and steady yourself, if necessary, before leaving the support of the chair. This will help to reduce your risk of falling.


    This helps me to stand but I also need to have my legs raised – click ‘Yes’ link below


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