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Options for Riser/Recliner Chairs:Info Icon

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    • Options to consider:
    • Anti-crush feature
    • Some chairs can be fitted with an anti-crush feature to prevent accidents owing to pets or small children getting underneath the mechanism before it moves? However you will need to discuss this with the Supplier at the time of assessment and placing an order for the chair as it will need to be provided on the frame at time of manufacture.
    • Style of back
    • There is a range of different back styles available and your choice will depend on which you find most comfortable and your personal preference of the way it looks.

    Button Back:  Button back chair

    This is a very traditional style and produces a very neat chair.  In general, a button back will provide reasonable firm support to your back although it is possible to provide a soft button back design.

    Waterfall:          Waterfall back

    Also known as a pillow back, the waterfall typically has 3 separate pillows cascading down the back of the chair. Each pillow has a zip, which allows you to individually adjust the amount of filling in each one that allows you to provide the most suitable comfort to meet your particular needs. As this is possible on all 3 pillows it allows you to mould the back to your personal preference. this back style is generally softer than a button back, which isn’t suitable for everyone and due to the nature of the filling the back may flatten in time.

    Roll Back:   Roll back chair

    The roll back style is where the back is made of three or more sections, which are built into the back and therefore gives a relatively firm support.

    Orthopaedic Back:

    This type of back gives firm support to the back and is particularly suitable for those people who suffer with back pain. The shape of the back mirrors the shape of your spine’s natural position and encourages good posture.

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