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Personal care is one of the most important tasks that an Individual carries out on a daily basis and also, when it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage independently, one of the areas that people feel most embarrassed about when needing to ask for help.  You may have problems accessing the facilities or You may even find it difficult to stand at the wash hand basin to have a straightforward wash.

If you are not able to access a suitable facility to fully manage your personal care it is important that you ask for advice and information because there is no need to simply ‘make do’, put yourself at risk of injury or even just have a full wash down at the sink. You can then make a decision about how you want to resolve your particular problem.

There are many options that can resolve even the simplest of difficulties to enable Individuals to continue to manage independently and safely and often the solutions have never been considered. It does not always necessitate major adaptations or intervention.

I am having difficulties standing at the wash hand basin to carry out a simple daily morning wash – Click below

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