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Solutions if having problems washing parts of your body:Info Icon

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    If you have problems with reaching parts of your body when having a daily wash at the sink and don’t want to have either a bath or a shower instead then there are some simple pieces of equipment that may help you to carry this activity out safely and in most cases independently, except where you want to wash your hair:

    • A long handled sponge will enable you to reach your shoulders, underarms and behind you on your back as well as your lower body when having a wash. The best type is one with a flexible wire so that it can be bent to meet your specific needs. (NRS M09836)
    •  A towelling Toe Washer with an extra long handle will reduce bending and features a flat and flexible wire frame, which can be bent into shape and is covered with a white towelling pad for washing between the toes. (M09873 – 15”; M09885 – 24”)
    • A plastic Hair washing Tray that fits around the neck and attaches with a hook and loop strap. A recessed edge comfortably cradles the neck and allows the hair to be washed by a Carer over a sink without spillage (M66480)
    • There are also height adjustable wash hand basins available, either manual or powered, that would enable you to alter the height of the wash hand basin if you have problems bending forward to reach down into the water

    My difficulties are due to the fact that I have problems accessing my Present Washing facility – click below

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