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    If You are unable to access your existing washing facility You may feel that You will have to become dependent upon other people to assist you with your Personal Care. This does not have to be the case but if You are no longer able to access your bath/over-bath shower/shower cubicle with or without equipment You will need to consider whether more major adaptations to your existing bathroom are required.

    • If you have a number of complex difficulties, You may need to look at providing alternative facilities elsewhere within your property. These may well need to be for your sole and specific use.

    The options:

    • Remove the existing bath and replace with an easy access/low height step-in shower cubicle with thermostatically controlled shower controls
    • Remove the existing bath and replace with walk-in wet room shower facilities
    • Provide a wet room shower facility elsewhere within the property.
    • Look at commercially available shower/toilet units that can be fitted within a specific bedroom area and used with either a wall mounted seat within the unit or a mobile shower chair
    • Look at commercially available shower units that can be fitted within a separate area and used with a wall mounted seat within the unit or a mobile shower chair
    • Unless you have access to specialist contractors and are happy to proceed independently it would be advisable to contact an Occupational Therapist at this stage and have a full assessment to help determine exactly what you need and what the most suitable option would be for you. The O.T will be able to assess your abilities in relation to your disabilities and then draw up a specific scheme that you can then proceed with independently or you may wish to contact your Local Council and determine whether you would be eligible for any financial assistance towards these more major adaptations through applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant and/or with the provision of more complex equipment.
    • Able 2 OT Services would be happy to discuss your options with you and would be able to draw up detailed specifications and designs and take you through the process from start to finish…


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