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Solutions for seating in level access/wet room shower facilities:Info Icon

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    When the shower facilities are already level access/wet room facilities there are a number of seating options that You can consider to resolve your difficulty with standing in the shower whilst also trying to wash. Your difficulties may be due to unsteadiness, poor balance or You may have lower muscle weakness that means that You are generally unable to stand for long periods.

    Here are a few suggestions that You could consider to resolve your situation, depending upon your specific circumstances:

    • Static shower stools can be safely used in level access/wet room shower areas where it is not necessary for You to move out of the shower in a mobile chair after washing.
    • Mobile Shower Chairs: These tend to have padded seats, back and armrests but there are some moulded chairs available if You feel that You do not require padding for comfort or where You do not have to consider possible skin breakdown and damage. They have braked castors and can either be provided as self propelling or attendant propelled models. Most mobile shower chairs will also be designed to enable them to also be used as a mobile commode or to be wheeled over a toilet. You can also transfer on and off mobile shower chairs in another room and wheel yourself or be wheeled by a Carer into the shower area.
    • Self propelling models will give You greater independence when showering because you can wheel yourself in and out of the shower area and the bathroom and are therefore not dependent on a Carer being present. Check the mechanisms for locking the brakes because it is essential that you are able to both reach and operate these from a seated position as the brakes must be on when showering for stability and safety. There is an added benefit to the self propelling mobile shower chair because You can also wheel yourself over a toilet without having to carry out an additional transfer from one facility to another, if You require.
    • Attendant propelled models have smaller wheels and are totally dependent on someone else pushing them. Their design also offers the additional functions to provide both a mobile commode chair and a chair that someone else can wheel over a toilet. This reduces the number of transfers that you need to carry out between facilities but does not provide you with independence. 


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