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Solutions for seating within a step-in shower cubicle.:Info Icon

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    If you are unsteady and have problems with standing for long periods, especially in more confined spaces such as a shower cubicle you will need to consider suitable seating options to enable You to sit in the shower cubicle whilst washing. Here are some suggestions that You could consider to resolve your problems that won’t result in Major Adaptations.

    • Corner shower seats: These can be useful in a shower cubicle as they are triangular in shape, generally height adjustable and fit neatly into the corner of a Cubicle. However it is essential that, before purchasing one of these, the internal size of the shower cubicle is measured, as well as your seated position, to ensure that both the seat and you will safely and comfortably fit into the cubicle.
    •  If the shower cubicle is small and, as a result of using a shower stool, you cannot safely close the shower screen doors, when seated, to shower independently and water escapes onto the surrounding floor area.
    • Shower Stools: These static stools come with/without back rests but it is recommended that you always purchase a stool with armrests so that you can use these when standing up from and sitting down on the stool. They are mainly height adjustable.  Careful measuring is once again essential to ensure that there is sufficient space for both you and the stool to fit comfortably within the area and you are able to wash yourself.
    • Static Shower Chairs: These, as a rule, have both back and armrests and therefore provide optimal support and stability when transferring. They will fit into larger shower cubicle areas, such as 850 mm x 850 mm, although their suitability will still depend upon your own height and weight to determine the space required when transferring. They could have a restrictive use in a smaller cubicle area due to the overall footprint of the chair.
    • Grab rails fitted within the shower cubicle, in addition to a seat, will enable you to hold them when standing up from or sitting down on the shower seat whilst washing yourself. This will again depend upon the suitability of the walls within the cubicle and whether it is possible to fix rails securely.


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