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Preparing Meals, Eating and Drinking are one of the fundamental tasks of our daily lives so it is important to be able to continue to manage these activities by making some simple changes to the way we do things and also by purchasing some simple gadgets, readily available on the open market, that will enable us to be as independent as possible.

Many of these smaller items of equipment are now no longer available through the Equipment Stores of Local Authorities so you may need to purchase them privately. Please note that, as a disabled person you will not have to pay 20% VAT on many of the more specialised items that you buy for your own use.

One of the leading providers N.R.S Healthcare provides a home order catalogue, telephone order line and also an easy to understand and manage website that would enable you to purchase items for easy and quick delivery direct to your home. http://www.waysandmeans.co.uk/ or www.nrshealthcare.co.uk or ring them on 0845 121 8111

Age UK have a lot of information on their website www.ageuk.org.uk and also provide a range of equipment in stock from the N.R.S range and you may find it easier to purchase equipment through their website or telephone enquiry service on 0800 731 0003

Do you have poor standing tolerance and find it difficult to stand when preparing a meal, making a drink or carrying out other tasks in the kitchen?

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