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Preparing a meal whilst seated:Info Icon

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    There is a simple solution to problems with standing in the kitchen and that is to purchase a high stool or perching stool to enable you to sit whilst carrying out a vast number of tasks.

    Perching stools:

    These are available with or without armrests and backrests but generally are height adjustable.

    • It is also advisable to have padding on the seat as well as the armrests and backrest for comfort.
    • It is advisable to have armrests as a bare minimum because this enables you to hold them and push up on them to stand.
    • A back rest provides additional support and encourages good functional posture whilst carrying out kitchen tasks.
    • The angled seat of a perching stool would make it easier for You to sit and rise from the seat. It would also ensure that You  sit with a good functional posture.
    • They are also available in extra wide versions for Bariatric Users up to 40 stone (254 kg)
    • The standard models have a weight limit up to 25 stone (160 kg)
    •  Standard stools:

    These are available at local Retailers but tend to have fixed height legs and no armrests or backrests. This reduces their versatility and may make them too short to be of much use at the sink or the worktop because You may have to strain and reach too much to carry out tasks appropriately and safely.

    Do You find it difficult to prepare food due to reduced range of movement, loss of use of one side through disability or muscle weakness?

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