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    Cutting, spreading, peeling and grating are all activities that generally require two hands and a certain degree of physical strength to carry out but with the simple provision of thoughtful food workstations some of the problems encountered can be resolved.

    A number of clearly designed boards are available that could revolutionise the way you manage in the kitchen and often provide solutions for a number of tasks all in one place meaning that you can remain independent.

    Vegetable Workstation – This is ideal for one handed use and is held in position by non-slip rubber feet on the base. The vegetables are held in place on a spike section of the board, which needs care when using because the spike is sharp, so that You can then use a peeler or grater to prepare them.

    Food Workstation – This versatile food preparation board features a number of options to assist with day to day kitchen tasks.

    • The clamps grip all sorts of food, bowls, jars or bottles
    • The stainless steel spikes hold bread, fruit or vegetables in place for peeling or slicing
    • The brush allows one handed cleaning of fruit and vegetables
    • The grater and slicing box can be mounted on the board
    • High corner guards prevent the bread form moving when being buttered
    • Four non-slip suction cups prevent the board from moving

    Swedish Fix It – This durable hard plastic kitchen food preparation board would help You to carry out a variety of tasks one handed. It remains stable on the worktop with non-slip suction pads on the base. It features:

    • Easy to operate clamp for holding kitchen equipment or food steady
    • Adjustable pegs to hold food items for peeling or grating, which can be removed when a flat surface is required

    Spreading boards with or without spikes and/or a 3 way grater with box:

    • These have raised lips on two side of the board so the bread will not move around when being spread.
    • The spikes, which can be inserted onto the board, and then removed when not needed, are used to firmly secure vegetables for peeling, slicing and grating/shredding.
    • The 3 way grater is secured onto the board by fixing it onto the raised lips of the spreader board.

    All these products can either be carefully washed by hand or washed in the dishwasher.

    Do you have problems with holding things in your hands due to poor grip and/or weakness



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