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Solutions for people who have problems with grip when preparing food:Info Icon

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    Easy Grip Knives and Graters:

    • These types of equipment assist people who either have a weak grip or some physical deformities of the hands and/or wrists.
    • The angled handles keep the wrist in a neutral position, which reduces strain when being used.
    • The handles have a non-slip and soft touch finish and are available as a Bread knife; Carving knife; General purpose knife or with a Grater fitting.

    Good grips Vegetable and Fruit Peeler: This has a large rubber, easy to hold handle, which makes it comfortable to use, even when wet. It has a built in cutter for the potato eye.

    Easy grip Saucepans: 

    • These have angled handles, which make cooking easier and safer.
    • With this design You can maintain a straight wrist, use the strongest forearm muscles and grip tightly for optimum lifting ability.
    • They have kettle type pouring lips and easy strain lids, which make food sieving and pouring away excess water easier.
    • There are two sizes of draining hole included in the lip, which makes it ideal for all sized foods from potatoes to rice.
    • These pans reduce the risk of You scalding yourself whilst transferring or pouring the contents of the pans.
    • They are suitable for all types of cookers and are dishwasher safe.

    Jar and Bottle Openers:

    There are a wide range of openers that make it easier to open jars and bottles from the non-slip silicone rubber openers, that reduce the discomfort to joints by providing a strong comfortable grip, to Multi-Openers that offer a wide range of options for cutting, gripping, twisting to open jars, bottles and cans as well as pressure sealed caps, ring pull cans and lift tabs off food cans.

    You can also buy electric tin openers, can openers, 3 in 1 Can and Bottle openers.

    These are all readily available in local retail outlets, such as Boots The Chemist or specialist providers, such as N.R.S Healthcare….

    One of the leading providers N.R.S Healthcare provides a home order catalogue, telephone order line and also an easy to understand and manage website that would enable you to purchase items for easy and quick delivery direct to your home. http://www.waysandmeans.co.uk/ or www.nrshealthcare.co.uk or ring them on 0845 121 8111

    Age UK have a lot of information on their website www.ageuk.org.uk also provide a range of equipment in stock from the N.R.S range and you may find it easier to purchase equipment through their website or telephone enquiry service on 0800 731 0003

    These answer some of my difficulties but I am also having problems with making hot and cold drinks

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