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Solutions for people who have problems making a drink:Info Icon

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    If Your problem is with making a drink then there are some simple solutions available that could make life much easier for You:

    There are a number of lightweight kettles and liquid dispensers on the market that can provide easy solutions to people who have poor grip and/or muscle weakness and have problems lifting standard kettles and teapots in order to safely make themselves a hot drink.

    An insulated tea/coffee pot will enable you to make yourself a drink and then keep it warm for at least 4 hours without the use of a tea cosy that may tip over and then scald you with hot fluids. The insulated surface will also prevent you from burning your hands on the outside when lifting it to pour and as it only holds a 1 litre capacity is lightweight and easier to use.

    A Carer could prepare a hot/cold drink for you in the mornings and put it by you so you can have a drink during the morning without having to try to lift and carry anything yourself.

    Kettle Tippers – these have been available for a long while but you do need to ensure that You have the cognitive ability to use them safely and also that the kettle used is compatible with the Tipper purchased. You will need the ability to either fill the kettle yourself and then place on the Tipper and secure it properly or have a Carer or family member who can do this for you so that all you have to be able to do is tip the kettle towards the cup or the teapot. It is imperative that the kettle is secured within the safety clamps and also with the strapping to avoid any risk of injury by the kettle falling off the mechanism.

    If these have partly resolved some of your difficulties but You are having problems with eating and drinking Click the link below

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