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Do you have difficulty using your stairs to access essential facilities such as bathroom and bedroom?

What you should ensure about the condition of your Staircase.

  • If you have a carpet┬áit should be well fitted and not thread- bare or loose and that there are no frayed or curling edges.
  • If the surface is wooden ensure that there are no uneven edges on each tread that could cause injury to legs or feet
  • Avoid dark, patterned carpets, especially if you have problems with your vision as this type of carpet can result in the treads blending into each other and the edges being less defined and unidentifiable
  • The lighting on the staircase must be bright
  • All existing rails must be secure and sturdy
  • Always wear good supportive footwear, even if they are slippers. Never just walk up and downstairs in socks as this is a major cause of falls and slips on the stairs and can result in serious injury.
  • Most falls occur at the top or the bottom of the stairs; make sure the surfaces in these areas are slip resistant.
  • Ensure that there are no obstacles on the stairs by leaving objects on the treads, which will reduce the width of the steps.

If your stairs adhere to the above but you still struggle going up them please click ‘Yes’ link below

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