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Consideration of a Stairlift as an option:Info Icon

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    Reasons to consider when thinking of installing a Stairlift:

    • The option of moving to ground floor facilities, or even a bungalow, can be a costly alternative and can also cause upset and stress, especially if you have lived in your present property for several years and have a good family and friend support system surrounding you.
    • A Stairlift can provide vast benefits to your health as it could reduce stress and strain on joints and major organs of the body and therefore maintain present levels of ill-health or even result in signs of improvement in some health issues
    • A Stairlift can reduce strain and risk of injury to Carers who may have been assisting you in climbing the stairs and therefore also improve their quality of life when dealing with the responsibility of maintaining you in your own home.
    • A Stairlift installation does not need significant modification to the stairs unless there is a door too close to the bottom of the staircase that would cause a hazard for the track installation.
    • What is the design of your staircase? A curved track stairlift is a more costly option and you may want to consider this in relation to perhaps moving downstairs and living in a micro-environment in your present property. This option will need to be considered in relation to whether you then have access to washing and toileting facilities on the ground floor or whether alternative arrangements need to be made and if these are acceptable to you in the long term.

    Is the staircase wide enough to enable a stairlift installation? Click ‘Yes’ link below for more details

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