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    Is the staircase wide enough to enable a stairlift installation and not result in you catching your knees on the nearest Wall/Bannister opposite the lift position?

    To get a good idea of whether it is possible to fit a stairlift sit upright in a dining room type chair with your knees bent and your feet set as far back behind your knees, under the seat of the chair, as you can manage.

    1.  By using a tape measure, ask someone to determine your required seating depth by measuring from the back of the chair to the widest point that you require; e.g. to the edge of your knees or the end of your toes, depending on whichever is the widest.
    2. Add 100 mm to this maximum seating depth to enable clearance of knees.
    3. Then measure the width of your stairs and check that a lift could potentially be safely installed

    Are your stairs a straight flight? Click ‘Yes’ link


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