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    Most standard stairlifts have an upper weight limit of 19/21 stone but, due to recent developments, some lifts can now offer weight limits for up to 25 stone and in some circumstances 30 stone.  Heavier Users (above 21 stone) can sometimes be accommodated by some Stairlift Manufacturers but this is often dependent upon the angle of the stairs – always ask about this and be honest about your weight as this can be the cause of breakdowns for stairlifts if your weight is too great for the lift that has been installed.

    •  Standard straight lift installation – These can only travel in a straight line; for example from the hall to a landing.
    •  Compact straight lifts – These have compact carriages and rails along with folding arms, seat and footrests. When folded away there will be sufficient room for other people to climb up and down the stairs safely without any obstacles
    • Stand and Perching Stairlift – This is an option to consider where you have some restricted range of movement in your knees and/or hips and cannot sit down and stand easily or cannot sit at a 90 degree angle on a seat without obstructing the staircase or catching your knees on opposite wall. It may also be considered where the staircase is narrow but you have sufficient capacity to perch on or stand safely when ascending or descending the stairs on a lift. These lifts can have a fully height adjustable seat arrangement that will accommodate either a standing or perching position. There is usually a lower weight limit for this type of Stairlift, which is often under 16 stone. A specialist survey will be required for this type of lift because the bulkhead of the stairs will need to be assessed to ensure there is enough height in relation to the lift installed and Your height when standing or perching.
    • Reconditioned Stairlifts – These are available for a straight staircase and can provide an alternative option to a brand new lift because they are cheaper. Ensure that, if this is an option that you wish to consider, the lifts have had a full factory refurbishment; that there is at least a 1 year full parts and labour warranty (although they often come with a 2 year full parts and labour warranty) and that the track provided is brand new – to suit your particular staircase.
    • Rental Stairlifts – these can be useful where the need for a stairlift is time limited; whilst other options are being provided, or if you have been given a short-term terminal diagnosis. There are more limitations on the type of lift that can be installed in these instances but Local Suppliers can often help and charge costs will include installation and removal as well as a monthly rental charge.
    • Specialised straight stairlift – The rail on this lift is attached to the inside of the staircase to save on space with this type of lift. It is available with a range of optional extras such as a generous seat capacity. To make it easier to get on and off, the chair can turn the corner at the top or bottom of the stairs. It is good for staircases where space is at a premium; it has a generous seat size and weight capacity of up to 30 stone. There are options of a powered swivel seat and extra large seat. This type of lift will be a more expensive option.


    If a straight lift is not suitable is this because your staircase has a different design? Click ‘Yes’ link below


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