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    Curved track stairlift – single, double or multiple curves can be considered in this option. They can also be installed by some Manufacturers on spiral staircases. Often the track is extended at the top and/or the bottom of the stairs to enable the lift to be parked away from the staircase, which can often improve the transfer on and off the lift for You.

    Curved stairlifts are specifically designed for your staircase but, as part of the need to be economical and able to recycle lifts into other properties, most companies have designed their lifts to enable them to be relocated through the reconfiguration of the rails.

    tilt in space lift slim design lift

    Slim design Stairlift with Tilting saddle- style seat – This lift is designed specifically for curved staircases and has an elevated position, which results in it being possible to fit on narrower staircases.

    There is also an option for a shorter footrest to be installed to accommodate You in more situations.

    This lift is especially useful if you have problems with pain and discomfort in hips and knees and also where your range of movement is compromised or you experience some upper limb weakness.

    The saddle-style seat lowers and raises with you and therefore together with its elevated position makes sitting and standing from the stairlift easier and more comfortable.

    Stand and Perching Stairlift – an option to consider where the User has some restricted range of movement in their knees and/or hips and cannot sit down and stand easily or cannot sit at a 90 degree angle on a seat without obstructing the staircase or catching knees on opposite wall. This may also be considered where the staircase is narrow and You have sufficient capacity to perch on or stand safely when ascending or descending the stairs on a lift. They can have a fully height adjustable seat arrangement that will accommodate either a standing or perching position. There is usually a lower weight limit for this type of Stairlift, which is often under 16 stone. These types of lifts are mainly available for straight staircases but some Companies will consider the possibility of installing one on a curved staircase but this would be on an Individual basis and would have to be carefully measured after a detailed Survey and full assessment of the Individual to ensure that it was safe and suitable.

    Reconditioned Stairlifts – These are available for curved staircases and can provide an alternative option to a brand new lift because they are cheaper. Ensure that, if this is an option that You wish to consider, the lifts have had a full factory refurbishment, that there is at least a 1 year full parts and labour warranty (although often they do come with 2 year full parts and labour warranty) and that the track provided is brand new to suit your particular staircase.

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