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Toileting is a function that most people take for granted and if assistance is required it can cause distress through feelings that Individuals have about loss of Independence and Dignity.

However, by using small pieces of equipment, Independence can often be regained; while in other situations more complex solutions are required.

Problems can occur as a natural part of Ageing; as a result of an Acquired Disability; the effects of a long term medical condition or a disability acquired at birth….

Getting on and off the toilet

There is a range of equipment designed to assist standing from the toilet including:

  • Toilet seats or toilet seats with frames, which raise the height of the toilet.
  • Toilet frames or dropped down rails to push up from a sitting position or to hold onto for support when sitting down on the toilet.
  • Grab rails to push up or pull up from or to steady yourself when trying to slowly sit down on or stand up from your existing toilet.
  • Toilet seats with integral armrests.
  • Toilet seats on a frame managed through battery operation - by the push of a button will lower you down onto the toilet and also raise you to a standing position.

Do you have problems standing up from your toilet?

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