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Assistive solutions to Toilet Transfers:Info Icon

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    If You require physical assistance from a Carer to stand from and/or sit down on your toilet this may be putting both You and your Carer at risk of possible injury. Even if you are struggling to manage to stand on your own and are at risk of falling then it may be time to consider some more complex equipment that will help you to stand and sit whilst being supported through the whole process.

    Air Powered Lift Activated Toilet/Commode Frames

    This option is designed to assist You to stand after using the toilet or commode. The self-powered lifting mechanism releases slowly as You stand and will assist up to 70% of your weight. It has a removable back rest, which enables it to be positioned over a toilet but does not have the option of a floor fixing kit.

    powered toilet riser 1                   air toilet lifter

    The User weight limit is 21 stone.

    Powered Toilet Lifts

    This option can be used when You struggle to stand from the toilet and also have unsteadiness or poor balance and also have difficulty sitting down on the toilet, making the static option above unsuitable.

    They can also reduce falls and injury when transferring on and off the toilet.

    Some models lift You in the same way as a Riser/Recliner armchair, so upwards and forward, in order to replicate natural movement. This will help to prevent You from slipping/sliding forward when rising from the toilet with this product.

    mountway toilet riser
    A simple hand control pad operates the toilet lift to gently lower and raise You from the toilet. The equipment is powered by a removable battery that will need to be recharged after approximately 8 – 10 lifts outside of the bathroom. Installation is usually straightforward and requires the removal of the existing toilet seat and would then be adjusted in height to suit the your specific needs.

    Use of feet on the bottom of the toilet seat enables the product to be locked down for extra security but can be removed easily for cleaning.

    The Toilet Lifts can also be fitted with arm supports that provide additional support and can be raised up and out of the way when not in use for side transfers, if this is required. The maximum weight limit is 25 stone.

    If You have upper trunk muscle weakness, it will be necessary for You to rise with a vertical lift and some Powered Toilet Lifts can provide this form of lifting as a valuable alternative.

    There is now also an all-in-one unit, known as the Smart Home Riser, which replaces the existing toilet all together. Any wall mounted toilet can be used and is built into the unit, moving up and down to accommodate the User. It is easy to use with an ergonomically designed remote control handset, which can be fitted to either handset to suit the User.

    This item is especially useful for small bathrooms as it is flush to the wall and only protrudes 880 mm.

    Smart Home Riser

    Do you have problems cleaning yourself after going to the toilet?


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