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    Do you have problems cleaning yourself after using the toilet?

    closomat toilet

    Specialist ‘Self Cleaning’ Toilets:

    This option may be worth considering as a more long term solution to your difficulties, which could be due to a number of reasons:

    • Weakness in your lower limbs causing problems with standing up or sitting down on the toilet, which may require physical assistance from another person
    • A reduced range of movement in your upper arms
    • Neurological deterioration causing tremors, lack of sensation and function in your upper and/or lower limbs

    Even if you need to use a mobile chair over the toilet this option can still be used.


    The specialist toilets at present on the market are the Geberit Aqua Clean Toilet and the Closomat Toilet and combine the functions of a toilet and bidet and are designed to limit any obvious fact that they are not standard toilets.

    closomat toilet                                                        gerberit toilet


    They can also provide automatic flushing and act as a conventional toilet for other toilet users who do not wish to use the special ‘hands-free’ functions.

    In general, there is a 30 stone User weight limit.

    These toilets provide:

    A warm cleaning spray with options for both Male and Female Users, that can be adjusted to suit the Individual. They can be followed by a warm air drying function.

    There are Elbow controls whereby the toilet functions are then initiated through pressure exerted by You sitting on the toilet seat. This means that there is no need for You to attempt to try to shift position on the toilet in order to use toilet paper.

    There are also additional options that can be provided with one or both of these toilets:

    A wheelchair by-pass switch that over-rides the pressure on the toilet seat so that, if YOU need to sit on a mobile chair over the toilet, You will still be able to use the washing and drying facility.

    Toilet support arms

    Battery operated lifting toilet seats to enable independent transfer on and off the toilet but care needs to be taken to check that the automatic operation of the toilet is not affected by the proximity of the Riser product considered.

    Installation of a Big John Toilet Seat for certain models, which increases the maximum User weight to 57 stone.

    They can both be used in conjunction with various models of shower chairs but careful consideration needs to be made, if this is necessary, as the most suitable shower chair to be used will depend upon the compatibility with the shower/toilet dryer.

    An Occupational Therapist will be able to arrange a thorough assessment with both the Shower/Toilet Dryer and also with deciding upon the most suitable model to be installed and the compatible shower chair equipment, if required.

    Able 2 OT Services Ltd would be able to arrange an assessment by a fully qualified, experienced Occupational Therapist to look at and discuss your problems in more detail. If you are interested in this option please contact the office by completing the link below or by ringing the office on the contact details below.

For more information of what is the best option for you, get in touch with us.