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    If your toilet is too low for you, you could purchase a Raised Toilet Seat. 

    Different heights are available adding 5 cms – 15 cms (2 to 6 inches) to the toilet height. Most models clamp on to the rim of the toilet bowl and the original seat and lid remain in place in the up position. Some models replace the original seat.

    Raised toilet seats are also available with integral armrests.

    Toilet Seats are also available with a lid, if you prefer this option, to replace your existing seat, but they are more expensive.

    If you use a raised toilet seat then regularly check that the seat is firmly attached. If not, make sure you or someone else tightens the fixing brackets for you regularly.

    If someone else is using your toilet and removing and replacing the raised toilet seat you should check it is firmly in place after every time it has been removed, before you sit on it. This will reduce any risk of the equipment moving and you slipping or even toppling off.

    If you transfer onto the toilet from a wheelchair, or tend to sit down heavily, then the toilet seat could be subject to backwards and sideways movement and a toilet plinth , a higher toilet pan or wall mounted toilet, fixed at the specific height you require, may be a better and safer option.

    Toilet plinths can be purchased easily and are available in different heights. They are fitted below the toilet pan at point of installation and can be fitted by plumbers and offer a straightforward solution to the issue of toilet pan height.

    Higher toilet pan heights: These can be purchased from a number of specialist dealers providing pan heights of 450 mm (18”) rather than the standard 400 mm (16”). However, it is important to remember that, when YOU consider installing a higher pan height, that the overall seat height, with a seat fitted, will be 470 mm (19”).

    This will need to be accounted for having measured your ideal toilet height and it maybe better to install a standard height toilet and fit a ‘raised plinth’ toilet seat instead of a standard toilet seat. These come in 50 mm/100 mm options, such as the ‘Dania’ toilet seat range. These are easily available from Specialist Equipment Providers.

    Wall Mounted Toilet:

    Wall mounted toilets can be fitted at a specific height to meet your needs after careful measuring, as detailed above, and would mean that you no longer required a raised toilet seat. However, this option needs to be carefully considered, in conjunction with your specific problems, as this may not enable future needs to be resolved if you experience any further deterioration and your disabilities increase.

    Ideally You should consider consulting a Occupational Therapist to enable your needs to be fully assessed to ensure that what you install is safe and appropriate to meet your needs.

    Do you feel unsteady when standing and sitting from your toilet even with a Raised Toilet Seat fitted?

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