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Visual Impairment and getting in and around your property:Info Icon

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If Visual Impairment is causing you problems when identifying your own front door then simple changes can be made that will improve your abilities:

  • Paint an exterior door in a colour that contrasts strongly with the rest of the building – either lighter or darker. A Light Reflective Value difference of at least 50 is useful to enable the door to be seen at a distance
  • A personal door inside a communal entrance should be painted a different colour to make it stand out.
  • Paint the wall surrounding the door and frame in a contrasting colour because this will help you see where the door is and also see the edge of the door frame when the door is open.
  • Provision of an intercom/easy entry system, that works remotely with a vibrating fob or mobile phone, will alert you to the nearness of your home.
  • Limit clutter and keep areas around doorways clear so trip hazards are removed.
  • Lighting which automatically illuminates the doorway/entrance on approach is both helpful and is an added security measure.
  • Consider automated sensor lights that highlight the doorstep when approached.
  • Look at providing lights that come on automatically when light levels are low at different times of the day.
  • Lights over the door, external steps and on the pathway are important at night.
  • Where a path or an area is directly in front of the house it should be of a different texture to other public areas so that it is easier for you to identify your own entrance.

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