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Ways to improve vision of door handles and numbers:Info Icon

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    • Provide a door handle that is in a strong contrasting colour to the door
    • Provide a coloured, metal chrome, brass or steel handle that contrasts with the current door colour; a dark door shows up the bright metal and a light door could have a contrasting coloured handle
    • Highlight the door handle at your personal entrance with luminescent strips, directed lighting or make the door handle photo-luminescent.

     Problems seeing door numbers:

    • Use a high contrast number and background large enough to see from a distance
    • Use a house number plate that contrasts with the background colour of the wall or door.
    • Chrome numbers on a dark door or black numbers on a white door work well
    • Consider a luminescent house number that is clearer to see at night. 

    Do you have problems locating your door lock and keyhole?


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